PBL Class 03: Focus on One or Two Affected Communities

Summary: First, we moved the crammed desks and chairs out of the way so students could actually speak in pairs. Then, you discussed your findings on the global focus of project notes 2 and journalling 2.

Individual Project Journaling 1-7: Human Rights and Children Rights

Making Local & Personal Connections

A Quick Guide to APA 7th Edition: This is for documenting where you got your information from in the Google Doc

Homework due uploaded to your Google Drive Shared file by Friday 04/28/2023.

Stepswhich should take about two hours:

  1. Please stick with the same issue you would like to explore that you feel like you can speak you close people about it.
  2. Do several readings on the global or universal issue related to the topic.
  3. Take notes in key words and not long sentences so you can speak about what you found in class on paper or a notebook.
  4. Take a picture of your notes with your cellphone or tablet.
  5. Upload the picture of your notes in your Shared Google file under the section “Project Notes 3.”
  6. Under the photo, type the titles, authors names or publication if there is no author and be sure to copy/paste the URL onto the Google doc. This is important so you can find where you got your research from and go back to the original article if needed.
  7. Then, have a conversation with friends or family members, colleagues at part-time work places, or with other students in your clubs about what you learned. This part can be in any language.
  8. Finally, type your reflections in “Journaling Notes 3” about what you learned in English, so I can support your work and give you feedback in the comment section of this document in our shared Google Drive.

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