Class 14: Creativity & Innovation Presentation Workshop

Summary: I explained how to present your observation paper for your upcoming presentation on Monday or Wednesday. You also got into groups or pairs to discuss the interesting findings and the challenges of writing your paper. The guidelines of for your presentation are further below. You are all still working on editing your paper. We ran out of time for me to explain again about accepting my feedback and deleting (rejecting) the comments to send a clean paper, so here are two YouTube videos on how to use track-changes on Mircosoft Word:

Guidelines for your Presentation that are not included in the document.

1. Your talk should be about 8-10 minutes and then 3-5 minutes for questions, comments, and answers.

2. It is good to practice your presentation several times on ZOOM so you can focus on your content while speaking to the camera. 

3. There are usually 16 to 20 slides.

4. Your reference page is single-spaced with APA formatting with at least 5 references. 

5. Please include in-text citations such as parenthetical citations (Miller, 2021, par. 3). You can also do narrative in-text citations like Miller (2021) suggested that…

6. Here are two free websites where you can download free and beautiful images and pictures:


Creative Commons

New Paper and Presentation Examples:

Creativity Sample Paper C: Ideas for Solving Luggage & Restaurant Problems

Creativity Sample Presentation C: Ideas for Solving Luggage & Restaurant Problems

Paper Homework: Could you please accept all track changes based on my feedback and send your final paper, which can be a script or a guide for your presentation by Friday, 11/18/2023 at 3 PM.

Presentation Homework due via email on 11/19/2022 at 4:00 PM:

1. Do your best on preparing for your presentation slideshow with images and cite in APA references and in-text citations. The Word document of the presentation guidelines is useful to follow while adding content and your script in notes in the PowerPoint based on synthesizing your notes. Please be on time to send your submission so that you can get feedback on your presentation in Class 15 or Class 16. 

2. Don’t forget to do 2,000 correct answers of Free Rice!

3. Your ZOOM Presentation Guidelines and Useful Presentation Phrasebook documents:

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