Class 10 -Working as an International Team

Summary: We worked in pairs with the worksheet attached below about leading a successful global team through the exercise one discussion questions prepared by Henry Rollins and matched words in new pairs to create popular business expressions and completed the sentences with the phrases from exercise two and three. You also spoke about your opinion about them. Then, I described how to complete your first draft of your paper assignment.

Mayer, E. (2016, November 28). How to lead a successful international team [Video]. YouTube.

Worksheet with the Video: Henry Rollins -How to lead a successful team

Homework due on Saturday 07/15/2023 by 2 PM: I recommend waiting to write until I send you feedback on your assignments. Do the SAVE process for your first draft. This assignment is:

  1. Adding your revised introduction paragraph.
  2. Adding your revised synthesized notes, which is the body of your paper.
  3. Writing a conclusion to your paper for your first draft.
  4. Include also just the references you use at the end of the paper.




Student Paper A

Student Paper B

Student Paper C

S = Stacey -Ask her anything you need to write a successful paper.
A = APA Style  -Owl Purdue 
V = Veritus Certify! Check against Plagiarism  -Leander Hughes
E = Check all Explanations on all documents and this website for your paper’s success. 

Could you please type your name, draft number, ESP1a class name, date, the like this: Name_ESP1b_First Draft_’Your Name.’1. Using your ideas from your notes on your readings and presentation.

Over the weekend you will write the 1st draft of your essay with a revised introduction, synthesized notes, conclusion, and references. Please remember to follow:    

A). A very quick guide APA Style formatting sent via Risyu messages due to my computer memory.    

B). The organization of an essay with topic sentences that support each paragraph based on what you learned in class in sessions 08, 09, and 10. These paragraphs are based on the best of the 4Cs that was the homework for Class 08.

2. Your paper needs to be typed with double-spaced lines, at least three pages, and a minimum of 800 words (cover page, introduction, literature review).

Please use the word count on your PC or Mac, and type the word count number at the end of your paper before the reference section like this: Word Count: 1,2??

3. Then, do not forget to type your name, draft number, ESP1a, name, draft like this: Name_ESP1b_ 1st or 2nd_Draft. 

4. Remember there are 2,000 points to get to feed children in hunger on Free Rice! 

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