Class 15: Creativity & Innovation Presentation Day 1

Summary: There were three innovative observation presentations based on your reports. The first presentation was on _________________. The second presentation involved __________________. Finally, the third presentation ________________________________. Congratulations, presenters, as we had fruitful question and answer discussions.  Guidelines for your Presentation that are not included in the document. 1. Your talk should be about 8-10 minutes and then 3-5 minutes for questions, comments, and answers. 2. It is good to practice your presentation several times on ZOOM so you can focus on your content while speaking to the camera.  3. There are… Read More

Class 14: Creativity & Innovation Presentation Workshop

Summary: I explained how to present your observation paper for your upcoming presentation on Monday or Wednesday. You also got into groups or pairs to discuss the interesting findings and the challenges of writing your paper. The guidelines of for your presentation are further below. You are all still working on editing your paper. We ran out of time for me to explain again about accepting my feedback and deleting (rejecting) the comments to send a clean paper, so here are two YouTube videos on how to use track-changes on Mircosoft Word:… Read More

Class 12: Revising Your Observation Paper

Summary: We reviewed how to gather the information and write your entire first draft. You can write in a first-person narrative form as you would have a conversation as a support script for your final presentations. Then, time was given to reflect and start writing for your upcoming homework in individual breakout rooms for time to write. I consulted with each student about what readings and viewing might be helpful for your observations, guidance on your paper, and any questions you had. Guidance steps for completing your first draft: G = Put your… Read More

Class 13: Revising Your Observation Paper

Summary:  Each student who wrote their paper got feedback on how to improve your paper for your upcoming second draft and you also learned about writing your paper by viewing feedback of other students’ work. Guidance steps for completing your second draft: G = Put your paper through Grammarly: Free Online Writing AssistantA = APA Style  -Owl PurdueV = Veritus Certify!  -Leander HughesE = Explanations attached below to check and download Attachments:  Instructions-for-ESP2a_Creativity-Observation-PaperDownload ESP2a_Creativity_Oberservation_Assessment-ChecklistDownload APA 7th Quick Guide A Very Quick Guide APA to 7th Homework: Your 2nd draft due on Tuesday, 06/01/2021 by 7 PM email (but earlier is… Read More

Class 11: Writing Your Observation Paper

Summary: We had fun learning more about the GAVE process, which will help you write papers in other classes. We started typing our essays in class. You are working so very hard and dedicated to your observations. They are quite inspiring! Please book a Zoom meeting with me if you need any extra help. We are all in this learning experience together.  G = Put your paper through Grammarly: Free Online Writing AssistantA = APA Style  -Owl PurdueV = Veritus Certify!  -Leander HughesE = Explanations attached below to check and download Attachments:  APA 7th Quick Guide A Very Quick Guide APA… Read More

Class 10: Research Questions & Note-Taking

Summary: We are going to explore your chosen observation that leads to creativity and innovation for any topic, but hopefully it helps you in your daily life immediately. We are not hear to solve the world’s problems, but you can if you wish:). “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use the more you have.”  Maya Angelou a)     Please select an issue that you would like to observe that is COVID19 safe and interesting to you. b)    Reflect on your own experiences about what you have learned about creativity and observing skills by reviewing… Read More

Class 03: Things That Block Creativity

Summary: We reviewed the Sawyer (2012) article and mainly had active conversations about the myths and grains of truth associated with creativity. I also gave a mini-lecture about Sawyer (2012) and other creativity researcher’s concepts in a PowerPoint slideshow. We then enjoyed the video below with reference to introducing us to things that block our creativity and how to build creative confidence. It is useful to remember to click the CC button on Youtube in the lower right-hand part of the screen to read the closed caption script in English to guide you along. Delightful Things,… Read More

Class 01: Orientation & What is Creativity?

Ireland on March 17th

Class 09: Observing Innovation & Research

Summary:  I explained how to write the paper after you do your observations. Watch something, interviews, or surveys and just think and take notes about what happened. Therefore, we discussed the observation chapter and your proposals, and I gave advice to each student. Homework due on 05/18/22 by 8:30 AM as much as you can. Please take notes on what you observe based on your proposal. Some of you are doing interviews, viewing physical spaces, comparing videos, or also adding notes of new readings. Regardless, observe the place, people, or viewing that might… Read More

Class 08: Observing Creativity, Innovation, & Research

Summary: First, we checked your homework on your Google docs and add page numbers or time stamps for the videos of any quoted material to help you write your paper. I suggested you review your notes and write We spoke in pairs about how observation leads to creative ideas and innovation, but we didn’t get to view the videos, so we can view them in Class 09.  Then, I gave a preview of the writing assignment, and I answered any questions you had about it. Science Pet. (2014, August 18). Observations and inferences. [Video]. Youtube. … Read More