Class_09: Your SDL Introduction

Summary: We reviewed your A3 self-directed proposals discussed your work in breakout rooms, and you were encouraged to share your synthesized homework in Class 08 and your paper Step by Step in Class 07. Complete your three-question reflection in your Google Doc share file.

Homework due on Tuesday 01/16/2024 at 5 PM: Using your ideas from the five questions you have made and five articles you have taken notes on, write the introduction of your essay by emailing me your Word Document draft. Please remember to follow:

   A). the formatting guidelines provided by the APA Style Guideline Overview attached.

   B). the organization of an essay with topic sentences that support each paragraph based on what you learned in class.

3. Your paper in the future (not this assignment) needs to be typed with double-spaced lines, and at least 900 words, so please use the word count tool in Microsoft Word and type the word count number at the end of your paper before the Sources Cited section like this:

Word Count: 935 

4. Please make sure that your name, draft number, ESP2b course name, date, and title are in the attachment file  like this: 

‘Your Name’_ESP2b_SDL_Introduction

Please use this document to write your introduction:

An option to play This United Nations project website has 60 levels of English vocabulary to learn and develop. For each correct vocabulary comprehended, Free Rice will donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help end hunger, so students can learn new words and also contribute to reducing world hunger at the same time. And the levels of difficulty starting from low to very high, so it is also suitable for teachers. There are also various subjects to choose from, including English Grammar and SAT Test Preparation. And amusingly, there is a warning on the site that claims this game may make the person smarter!

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