Academic Essay Writing 2

The prerequisite for this course: Students must have a TOEIC score of 500 or above.
Class Limit: 10 
Important Writing Links:

Veritus! -Check your paper against plagiarism 

Instructional Criterion Video

How to use MS Word Track Changes and Save Time Being Puzzled:

Track Changes and Show Markup in MS Word

The Free IELTS App!

TOEFL Link: 

Research Link:

Link to the Center:

Listening, Speaking, & Reading Links: Fight climate change, feed hungry children and families for free while learning English! 

AEW2 Class: All the class content is available by clicking on the date. 

Cambrian College Library MLA In-text Citation Quick Guide

2nd Quarter 2020:

Class 14 on 08/06/2020: AEW2 Writing Reflection Day

Class 13 on 08/04/2020IELTS Writing Practice Test 

Class 12 on 07/30/2020IELTS Listening Practice Test (Speaking Test by Appointment) 

Class 11 on 07/28/2020The MLA Final Draft

Class 10 on 07/21/2020The MLA 3rd Draft

Class 09 on 07/16/2020: MLA Formatting and the 2nd and 3rd Draft 

Class 08 on 07/14/2020: MLA Formatting and the 2nd Draft 

Class 07 on 07/09/2020: MLA Formatting and the 1st Draft

Class 06 on 07/07/2020Synthesizing your Research and the MLA Introduction

Class 05 on 07/02/2020: Synthesizing you Research

Class 04 on 06/30/2020: The MLA Writing Process

Class 03 on 06/25/2020: Discussing and Narrowing your Research Process

Class 02 on 06/23/2020: The Research Process

Class 01 on 06/18/2020: Orientation & Academic Writing

1st Quarter 2020:

Class 14 on 06/16/2020:  IELTS Writing Practice Test 

Class 13 on 06/11/2020:  IELTS Reading Practice Test 

Class 12 on 06/09/2020IELTS Listening Practice Test (Speaking Test by Appointment)  

Class 11 on 06/04/2020 The APA Final Draft

Class 10 on 06/02/2020:  APA Formatting and the 3rd Draft

Class 09 on 05/28/2020APA Formatting and the 2nd Draft 

Class 08 on 05/26/2020APA Formatting and the 1st Draft

Class 07 on 05/21/2020APA Formatting and the Introduction

Class 06 on 05/19/2020:  Synthesizing your Research and the 1st Draft 

Class 05 on 05/14/2020:  Synthesizing your Research

Class 04 on 05/12/2020:  The APA Paper Writing Process

Class 03 on 05/07/2020:  Discussing and Narrowing your Research Focus

Class 02 on 04/30/2020The Research Process

Class 01 on 04/28/2020: Orientation & Academic Writing

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