Summary: First, I tried to introduce the learning game free rice, we watched the video, learned how it works, but I had some computer troubles so that we can play the games on the 26th. Then, we had a long conversation about how everyone has a culture, our music preferences, the food we each, and what is considered polite or rude. We thought about table manners, how to behave at home and school, and how other peers can be less respectful to their families. A lot of vocabulary came up for us in the new vocabulary section below. Finally, we worked on the structure of a paragraph, the topic sentences, and support sentences, and I edited one of the paragraphs that you wrote for homework and gave suggestions. Please look in your inboxes for your revised word document for your new homework. 

Here is an example of the structure of a paragraph designed my friend who permitted me to use it:

Paragraph I (A)


v  Topic sentence: (What the paragraph is about).

o   Supporting sentence 1 + additional information

o   Supporting sentence 2 + additional information

o  Supporting sentence 3 + additional information

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New Vocabulary: The United Nations, foil, lyrics, courteous, wrenching pain, hurtle, hurdle, elegant, adjectives and their comparatives and superlatives (big, bigger, the biggest, beautiful, more beautiful, the most beautiful, good, better, the best), moth, sultry, humid, drought, global, mild winters, polar, polar bears, polar ice caps, indent (indenting the first line of the paragraph by using the indent key on the computer or using the first digit of your left pointer finger on the  page if you are writing on paper)

Attachment: bridges.features of culture_(worksheet) 2

Homework due by email before Class 03, so we can look at your essays in the class: Please type in the same Word document that you received by email in double-space (and not in bold or underlined). And type what English essay writing you understand or do not understand. Please continue to use the questions (1 to 5) to finish the writing to make one indented paragraph for each question. Finally, please provide a topic sentence with supporting sentences and additional information as best as you can for two pages of writing.


Stacey Vye,
Aug 24, 2020, 9:47 PM