Summary: We reflected on failure and looked at goals students would like to achieve and we also
enjoyed learning more about the inventor Thomas Edison: Biography

Since I made this lesson, I have learned that my mother's great uncle invented for Thomas Edison making the first commercial phonograph for Europe, Mr. George Ballou. We will view this documentation as well. I thought it might be interesting for engineering majors. 

Homework due on June 26th, 2018 Online Practice before class:

Note: The instructions are directly from the online practice section.

Unit 3 Vocabulary Skill; Prefixes -Choose the correct prefix to complete the word for each sentence.

Unit 3 Gerunds and infinitives as the objects of verbs -Drag each verb into the correct category.

Unit 3 Verbs with gerunds or infinitives with a difference in meaning -Click READ to read about verbs taking gerunds or infinitives with a difference in meaning. Then complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Use the gerund or infinitive form.

Unit 3 Stress on important words -Read and listen to the sentences from the radio report. Repeat the sentences. Practice stressing the important words. Record and listen to yourself.

Unit 3 Asking for and giving clarification -Listen to the conversation. Check the phrases you hear.