Academic Essay Writing (AEW1): 1:30 pm ~ 2:50 pm

The maximum number of students in the class is 10. 

Instructor: Stacey Vye

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Please click each on each class for the content and homework:).

4th Quarter 2020:

Class 15: 02/03/2021: Final Writing Reflections and Assessment

Class 14: 02/01/2021: IELTS Writing Practice Test 

Class 13: 01/27/2021: IELTS Reading Practice Test 

Class 12: 01/25/2021IELTS Listening Practice Test (Speaking Test by Appointment)

Class 11: 01/20/2021IELTS Preparation & the Final Draft

Class 10: 01/18/2021MLA Formatting and the 3rd Draft 

Class 09: 01/13/2021MLA Formatting and the 2nd Draft 

Class 08: 12/23/2020MLA Formatting and the 1st Draft 

Class 07: 12/21/2020MLA Formatting and the Introduction and 1st draft

Class 06: 12/16/2020: Synthesizing your Work  

Class 05: 12/14/2020Synthesizing your Work

Class 04: 12/09/2020The MLA Paper Writing Process

Class 03: 12/07/2020Discussing and Narrowing your Research Focus

Class 02: 12/02/2020The Research Process

Class 01: 11/30/2020Orientation to the Course

3rd Quarter 2020-2021:

Class 15: 11/16/2020APA Formatting and the Final Draft

Class 14: 11/11/2020: APA Formatting and the 4th Draft

Class 13: 11/09/2020APA Formatting and the 3rd Draft

Class 12: 11/04/2020APA Formatting and the 2nd Draft

Class 11: 11/02/2020: APA Formatting and the 1st Draft

Class 10: 10/28/2020: APA Formatting and Introduction  

Class 09: 10/26/2020APA Formatting and Academic Essay Vocabulary Survey

Class 08: 10/21/2020The APA Academic Essay: Synthesizing Research

Class 07: 10/19/2020The APA Academic Essay: Gathering Research 

Class 06: 10/14/2020The APA Academic Essay: Gathering Research

Class 05: 10/12/2020IELTS Practice Reading Test  

Class 04: 10/07/2020: IELTS Practice Listening Test  

Class 03: 10/05/2020: IELTS Preparation

Class 02: 09/30/2020IELTS Preparation

Class 01: 09/28/2020Orientation and IELTS Listening and Speaking

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