Session 09

Summary: We continued to discuss observational skills, the readings and viewings from the past three classes, and then worked on ways to start writing your observation paper. I am behind on your feedback on your Note-taking Matrix (NTM), yet I hope to write back to you on the first and second of June. 

Attachment: Observation guidelines paper.docx 

Homework due on 06/03/2020:

 I. Your Observation Paper Step by Step:


a)     Please select an issue that you would like to observe that is COVID19 safe and interesting to you.


b)    Reflect on your own experiences about what you have learned about creativity and observing skills by reviewing your notes and your Note-taking Matrix (NTM), and the samples of former students work that matches with COVID19 safe observations (in your room, home, or safe places outside with physical distancing with your mask and protective gear).


c)    Please answer what would you like to observe in two or three detailed sentences for each question:


1. Who?


2. What?


3. Where?

4. When?


5. Why?


6. How?

II. Email your detailed answers by Tuesday, 06/02/2020 by 3 pm on a Word Document.