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Note: In class on 4/24, Someone left there Q Online Practice Access Code Card. If you have misplaced the card, please pick it up at the CEED English Office on the 2nd floor of the Kyoikukikotou building. 


Textbook: Q Skills for Success Listening and Speaking, by Miles Craven and Kirstin Sherman


  • Your Online Practice Access Code Card is at the back of your book on a card.
  • If you use your classmate's book from last year, you may not able to get in my class online homework section if their teacher used the online component.
  • You need an email address to register and use Q Online Practice.
  • Please don’t share this code with anyone else. Only one person can use it.  

Instructions (also see attached PDF "For students_How to set up your class code" instructions)

  • Go to
  • Click “Register.”
  • Enter your access code from above.
  • Follow the instructions to register.
  • The Class code was provided in class. Please email if you do not have the code.  

Customer Service Contact:

Listening, Speaking, & Reading Links:

Rachel's English

Pronunciation Doctor - YouTube

English Central

Randall's Listening Lab 

elllo (hello) 

Kids React!

Voices of America (All editors have quit or been fired and replaced by partisans so the link is temporarily down)

Ted Talks

Fourth Quarter 2018-2019

01/29/2019Units 7 & 9 Final Exam

01/22/2019: Happiness

01/15/2019: Money and/or Happiness

01/08/2019: Interviews

12/18/2018: Risk Taking

12/11/2018: Considering Risks 

12/04/2018: Taking Risks

Third Quarter 2018-2019

11/20/2018: Final Exam

11/13/2018: Advertising & Society

11/06/2018: Advertising with Famous People

10/30/2018: Changing Behaviours

10/23/2018: Group Survey of the Class

10/16/2018: Social Responsibility

10/09/2018: Roles, Responsibilities, and Inferring

10/02/2018: Welcome Back & What is Responsibility?

2nd Quarter  2018-2019

07/24/2018: Final Exam 

07/17/2018: Interesting Events in the Past

07/10/2018: Changes!

07/03/2018: Success Pair Discussion with Rubric

06/26/2018: Success!

06/19/2018: Failures & Goals

06/12/2018: Welcome Back & Learning From Failure

1st Quarter 2018-2019

06/05/2018: Already The Final Exam!

05/29/2018: You Are Not Only What You Eat

05/22/2018: Taste, Nutrition, or Both?

05/15/2018The Psychology of First Impressions

04/24/2018The Psychology of First Impressions

04/17/2018The Psychology of First Impressions

04/10/2018: Orientation

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