Class 05: 

Summary: FreeTypingGame.net: You can play free seasonal typing games to help you learn how to write faster in English on the computer: http://www.freetypinggame.net/play.asp


Note: In pairs you discussed your research, while your pair asked questions and comments using my original Ii Ii Ii feedback system:

Interesting! Why? 

I want to know more, because.....

I don't understand. Could you run this by me again?

I also gave individual suggestions to you on how you might narrow down your focus (or even just start really doing your research) Following the discussions, I explained how you could narrow down your research focus even further in preparation for your homework due.

Homework due on Monday 05/18/20 at 4 PM:

1. Please write your five or six questions related to your topic that you are researching and categorize your four pages of notes on THREE pages of A4 paper. Please include your references in the document APA style on the third page. Please provide the details of the author's name, date published, the title, and the publisher (or organization). You can use the guidelines by OWL Purdue in the references section in the chart above. Or the attachments below. 

It is okay to make mistakes on the references. I can help you. Please make sure you note the page or paragraph number and the citation any time you can to keep organized. It makes your writing of the first draft so much easier. Trying to help you!  

You are not researching new articles, but categorizing the six reports you have read and taken notes on already. If it is confusing, look at the PowerPoint attached below. 

Don't be busy, just be productive! I am trying to do the same myself.