Session 08: 1st draft Feedback


New Vocabulary: New Years resolutions

How will your grade be calculated? Homework (15%), 4-Skills Logs (20%), Written Weekly Reflections (15%), Midterm Presentation (20%), Class Participation (10%), Final Paper (20%)   

Homework due on Monday 01/20/2020 at 8:30 am by email attachment to StaceyIt is easy to follow the guidelines on the document attached perhaps more than the instructions below.

Do the SAVE process for your first draft before emailing your first draft!

S = Stacey -Ask her anything you need to write a successful paper.

E = Check all Explanations  

Could you please type your name, draft number, ESP1b class name, date, the like this: ESP1b_2nd Draft_'Your Name'

~ 2nd draft due on Mon to <stacey.vyeATMARKgmail.com> ~

1. Continue improving your essay with an abstract, introduction, literature review, discussion/summary, conclusion, and references.

 Please remember to follow:

    a). The APA Style formatting; and

    b). The organization of an essay with topic sentences that support each paragraph based on what you learned in class in session 08.

2. Then, do not forget to type your name, draft number, ESP1b, name, draft like this: ESP1b_2nd Draft_'Your Name.'

3. Lastly, please complete your reader/writer response form about your paper on the reverse side of the A3 sized handout that you received in class on 01/09/2019, and bring it to class.

  4. Option to complete a self-study entry in your Four-Skills Log. The entry should be one hour in length or longer, and please answer the questions completely: 

  Which day, which practice task, and how long?  Reflections: What did you do? How long for? What did you notice? How did you feel? New speaking or listening goals?

  5. Please bring your computer to class:).