Classes 06 to 12

Summary: First, we observed the video clips below about cultural misunderstandings when new family members of different cultures meet. This lesson was created by Rosie Dodd, a creative English teacher. After viewing each video, we discussed cross-cultural differences and misunderstandings about the youtube movie clips, what we would have done in a similar situation, and have we ever experienced any of these issues before. Finally, we shifted to your own experiences with cross-cultural misunderstandings. 


After each clip, here are some discussion questions. You can also make your own:

·      What cross-cultural differences/misunderstandings were in the movie clip?

·      How did the actors react to these issues?

·      Why did these misunderstandings happen?

·      What would you do in this situation?

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Joy Luck Club

Let's discuss our own experiences with cross-cultural misunderstandings and discoveries. 


Discussion questions:

·      If a tourist were coming to your country or the country you live in now, what advice would you give them? Think about:

o   What to wear in different places

o   How to eat

o   How to greet people

o   How to talk to people of different ages and genders

·      What was the most different culture you’ve been in? Describe it.

·      Have you ever had a cross-cultural misunderstanding? What happened?

·       Why is intercultural awareness important?

New Vocabulary: boffin = a science expert UK English, flat, mate, motif, Stone House, villain, precaution, every other day

irregular, previously, concerned, predict, observe, theme, neutral


Send by Sunday, October 6th, so I can check your work before class. We FINISH your essay with an introduction and conclusion. Please do not send the same draft in a new format or ignore my feedback.

Can you please write directly in this essay and not after the conclusion as we spoke about it class with the recording again and again? And can you also accept the track changes, learn from my suggestions, and start to write an introduction and conclusion? You can erase the instructions of the introduction and conclusion from this document and make a title about your English writing. 

Please see Class 04 for the video on track changes. 

And feel free to write to me on What's App or email if you have any questions. And check your spelling and grammar, too :)!

I hope every week you can study at least 250 correct answers in our class in Fight climate change, feed hungry children and families for free while learning English! 
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Sep 16, 2020, 4:38 AM