Session 07: Your L2 Motivational Self System

Summary: Today, we slowly spoke about your L2 motivational self system. Your experiences were unique to you. The goal is to focus on your connections between your learning experiences, your ought-to self, and your L2 ideal self. 

Acar, S. (2018, Oct 3). Zoltan Dornyei [Video]. Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is_dW7p0gWY

We also discussed our homework, that wasn't easy, but you did well! 

Hughes, L. S., Vye, S., & Ray, D. (2020) The L2 motivational self system: A replication study. JALT Journal, 42(1), 5-28.


Homework is due by October 25th, 2020, by 5 PM. 

1. Please chose one written article or video that compliments your research for your L2 motivational self system report that will also be useful for your final presentation. The first two have already been sent to you in Risyu Messages:

Irie, K., & Brewster, D. (2013). One curriculum, three stories: Ideal L2 self and L2-self-discrepancy profiles. In M. T. Apple, D. Da Silva, & T. Fellner (Eds.), Language learning                  motivation in Japan (pp. 110-128). Multilingual Matters.

Here is another:

Ueki, M., & Takeuchi, O. (2013). Forming a clearer image of the ideal L2 self: the L2 Motivational Self System and learner autonomy in a Japanese EFL context. Innovation in                   Language Learning and Teaching7(3), 238-252. 

2. Please complete a self-study entry in your Four-Skills Log. The entry should be one hour in length or longer, and please answer the questions completely: 

Which day, which practice task, and how long?  Reflections: What did you do? How long for? What did you notice? How did you feel? New speaking or listening goals?