Session 12: Slideshow Design and Preparing for Your Presentation Workshop.

Summary: In class today, we spoke about your 2nd and final drafts, and prepared you for your upcoming presentations. I am happy to be able to speak with each of you about your upcoming presentation and give some suggestions. 

Attachments: Presentation Guidelines_Self-directed learning 2020.docx

Homework due on Monday, 08/03/2020:

1. Please send your revised second draft by Friday the 31st. I can also check your paper three times before grading. 

2. Please prepare for your slideshow presentation on August 3rd (4 students) or the 5th (4 students). The presentation guidelines are attached. As best you can, design your slides for PowerPoint and make sure that you have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. 

3. Please email your PowerPoint drafts by Saturday, August 1st, 2020, so I can edit your presentation and give you feedback. All submissions need to be sent.

4. Due finish your self-study in your 4-skills logs. It is due on August 5th via email. Many students need more time for this, so plan for the timing at your self-direction.