Class 08

Summary: We viewed this video by Yoram Solomon is a one-minute talk about the idea that diversity sparks team creativity in the workplace. 

The 9 features of diversity from the video were:

1. Demographics

2. Multi-disciplinary

3. Knowledge and education

4. Expertise

5. Generalist vs. Specialist

6. Extracurricular activities

7. Cognitive differences

8. Being safe vs. Taking risks

9. Pragmatics 

Yoram Solomon's One-minute Idea: Diversity Sparks Team Creativity in the Workplace

We ran out of time to view and study this YouTube video, "Being a Good Listener" by The School of Life. Let's try to watch it in 2021! Have a Happy New Year and Goodbye 2020!!!!!

The Four Features of Being a Good Listener:

A Good Listener:

1. Eggs us on! (Push us forward.)

2. Urges clarification.

3. They don't moralize.

4. They separate disagreement with criticism. 

Being a Good Listener: The School of Life

New Vocabulary: Words from the 9 features of culture video.

Pellegrino Riccardi helps us understand how curiosity helps us be cross-cultural listeners:

Cross-cultural Communication: Pellegrino Riccardi

This is an interesting reading instead of a viewing with exercises on cross-cultural communication for business by the Culture Vulture blog:

Commisceo Global Consulting. (, 2019). Active listening: Cross-cultural communication. The Culture Vulture Blog

Truepanya Moo's TED TALKx on being a whole body listener through courage:

Truepanya Moo: Being a Whole Body Listener

Homework due Friday at 4 PM on 01/08/2021

1. Please write four questions related to intercultural (cross-cultural) theme based on your 4Cs homework (concepts, challenges, connections, changes); categorize your homework on THREE pages of A4 paper that will be your outline for your upcoming midterm report. With your note-taking, please take a photo of them and insert them into the A4 Word document attached. 

Or you can type your document. Please use the document attached because the APA references are included for you. 

Please keep the references for the readings and viewings in the document APA style on the third page and attached below. Delete the articles you are not using. 

2. You are not researching new articles, but you have read and taken notes on already categorizing the readings and viewings. If it is confusing, look at the PowerPoint attached below. 

Don't be busy; just be productive! I am trying to do the same myself. 

3. Please take notes, take a photo of them and insert the photo in this document or please type your notes.


4. It is essential to use the author’s name and date where you got your ideas from. If you use direct quotations, please also write the time it was said in the video or the page and paragraph number in the reading.

5. During the holidays, It will be good to complete many Free Rice answers. To get all 20 points. Please get 200 correct answers by the end of the term. Please let me know what your registered name is so you can get credit. 

Free Rice: The World Food Programme of the United Nations!

Fight climate change, feed hungry children and families for free while learning English.
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