Class 08


Dear Class, I do not know why all three of my four computers were not working well, but now they are fine. We reviewed your first draft part two homework instructions for Criterion, APA, Veritus, and Explanations (CAVE). You did very well on your papers, but many were not able to use Criterion to get feedback on your essays. Therefore, we went into our own 'caves' or individual breakout rooms on ZOOM to put your papers through Criterion. Then, I met with each of you individually and gave advice about any formatting or citation issues. Finally, we got back together as a group and I explained the homework. 

Homework: Due via email at 3 PM on 05/27/2020. Please try to edit what I explained in your individual breakout rooms. Also, most of you have already used the Criterion for this coming homework assignment. 

How to label your attachment file:

AEW2_2nd Draft_'Your Name.' 

Remember and try the CAVE steps (8 of the 9 students already did Criterion for Draft 2 in class, but one student did not due to being absent):

CAVE for your second essay before emailing your draft!

E = Check all Explanations for your draft and email Stacey

(Sending earlier than the deadline is great for quick feedback to you!):

1. Please rewrite your paper for your final draft based on my feedback at our breakout meeting, CAVE (Criterion, APA OWL Purdue, Veritus, and Example papers), and your improvements.

2. Then, please write your name, draft number, AEW course name, date, and title are on the page like this: 

AEW2_2nd Draft_'Your Name.' 

3. Could you please do one Criterion TOEFL essay, if you have not started yet. Those students who have already finished, disregard this task.