Session 4: Preparation for IELTS Reading

Summary: You began your discussions of the Top Tips for IELTS Reading sections very well. Then, we reviewed underlining strategies for TOEFL and the IELTS listening and reading sections. Afterwards, you spoke about what research you might conduct and how to narrow done your search for suitable presentation topics. 

Samples of IELTS Tips Note Taking:

Homework due at the next class: 

1. Please study the writing section of the book Top Tips for IELTS Academic, Cambridge ESOL  on pp. 61-74 by taking four to five pages of notes in key works only with diagrams, drawings, and charts, including any important study points and new vocabulary. 

For those of you who have taken my class before, please study and take notes on your new individualised homework.

2. Option to complete an entry of self-study in your Speaking & Listening log. The entry should be one hour in length or longer and please answer the questions completely: 

Which day, which practice task and how long?  Reflections: What did you do? How long for? What did you notice? How did you feel? New speaking or listening goals?