Session 12:

Summary: We went over your drafts and the OWL Purdue APA 7th formatting ideas:

Can you please your second draft by accepting the track changes, delete my comments, and send a clean black and white copy without the comments and the corrections? Here is a video about how to do track changes:

In the video our difference is we use double space, but the speaker uses single space formatting, but please keep the double-spacing. Remember and try the CAVE steps:

CAVE for your essay before emailing your draft!

E = Check all Explanations for your draft and email Stacey

Homework: 2nd draft due by email (Sending earlier than the deadline is great for quick feedback to you!):

Due on Sunday 11/08/2020 by 4 PM. 

1. [This information is for the students who forgot to follow some of the writing steps only]Please remember to follow:

   A). the formatting guidelines provided in the class of the APA Style Guideline Overview attached.

   B). the organization of an essay with topic sentences that support each paragraph based on what you learned in previous sessions. 

AEW1_2nd Draft_'Your Name.'