Class 09: The MLA Second and Third Draft

Writing Rules: No plagiarism! No paper over 1,800 words (our aim is 1,200 and not 2,500 with paragraphs of direct quotes or lifted passages! Only three direct quotations, please. Summarization is the key. And plagiarizers, please apologize to your classmates for wasting everyone's time. Some people do not have their paper feedback due to you. If you put your paper through Veritus, you would have gotten the plagiarism alerts and revised. 

Summary: We had a writing workshop day where we reviewed writing strategies. There was a focus on MLA in-text citations signal phrases, transitional devices, 
and basically do not plagiarize, use in-text citations, and summarize. 

Homework: 3rd draft by email (Sending earlier than the deadline is great for quick feedback to you (If you DO NOT plagiarize!):

Due via email on Monday 07/20/2020 by 3:00 PM 

1. Please still label your attachment file with your name on it:'Your Name,'_3rd MLA Draft. 

3. Write the body of your MLA paper by using your developed topic sentences a the first sentence of the paragraph, and give examples with in-text citations when you refer to other authors' work. Please refer to:

     a) OWL Purdue MLA Guidelines online link for your in-text citations, do not do an 'Obakata' copy/paste;

     b) The OWL Purdue sample paper (attached in classes 05 and 06) will also help;

     c) The MLA midterm assessment guidelines (attached) shows you all the criteria for a successful essay 

4. Write your conclusion like the second paragraph of the introduction in the past tense, reworded, with no new information, and the last sentence should be impactful for the reader. 
    You can also refer to the conclusion section of the MLA midterm assessment guidelines. 

   However, the first sentence of your conclusion should start with a signal like, "In conclusion," and then write a similar sentence as the last sentence of the first paragraph of your introduction in the past tense. 
   That sentence is the topic thesis statement. 

5. Put your paper in Criterion and Veritus. Do it! This will help you NOT to plagiarize and learn from your writing. 

Note: The free version of Grammarly will help you as a writing assistant. 

6. Could you please make an entry to TOEFL Criterion essay if you have not finished the five essays?