Summary: To get the most out of speaking, because you have been listening and doing two online programs, you reviewed the vocabulary you have learned and spoke about who you are and what you do in a game situation rather than what you eat. 

Your class restaurant recommendations below:)

[The students' recommendations will be posted here!]

Homework due on June 5th, 2018 before class:

Note: The instructions are directly from the online practice section. Don't forget to study for your Unit 1 and 2 exams. Please study as best you can for the unit exams, which are listening and the reading components of the class. 

It's good to review the vocabulary 'Track Your Success' pages on pages 21 and 43. In addition, the most effective way to review other language skills is to revisit the Q Listening and Speaking three online components for Units 1 & 2. That way you can make new attempts to improve your scores at the same time. 

Here is your Q online homework for the week:

Unit 2 Grammar Quantifiers with count/noncount nouns: Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

Unit 2 Grammar Expansion Articles a, an, the, no article: Click READ to read about articles. Then choose the correct answers to complete the paragraph (a, an, the, or Ø for no article).

Unit 2 Pronunciation Links with /j/ and /w/: Listen and repeat the sentences. Practice linking /j/ and /w/. Record and listen to yourself.

Unit 2 Speaking Skill Giving Advice: Match each statement with the correct advice.