Mende-Siedlecki, P. (2013, August 15). Should you trust your first impression? [Video file]. Retrieved from

Added explanation of the textbook expression "What You See Is What You Get," a song by the Dramatics, 1972 (Good enough to view the first 45 seconds for our purposes).

Homework due on April 24th, 2018 before class:

Note: The instructions are directly from the online practice section.

Unit 1 Listening Skill/Making inferences: As best you can, listen to each statement and then choose the inference (best guess) that you can make.

Unit 1 Vocabulary Review 2: Try to complete the sentences with the correct words from the word bank (the words in the light brown box). You do not need to use all the vocabulary.

Unit 1 Vocabulary Skill --> Suffixes What part of speech are the words below? Use the suffixes to help you. Drag each word into the correct category.