Session 6: IELTS Listening Test

Summary: We checked your homework and you had an IELTS listening test.  

Easy Vocabulary to Remember the IELTS Rubric for the Writing Tasks in January:

Task - Task Achievement

Flow - Coherence and Cohesion

Vocabulary - Lexical Resources

Grammar - Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Homework for IELTS Listening Test Takers: 

1. Please study your indivisualized TOEFL or IELTS homework by taking four to five pages of notes in key works and phrases with diagrams, drawings, and charts, including any important study points and new vocabulary. 

2. Option to complete an entry of self-study in your Speaking & Listening log. The entry should be one hour in length or longer and please answer the questions completely: 

Which day, which practice task and how long?  Reflections: What did you do? How long for? What did you notice? How did you feel? New speaking or listening goals?

3. Please complete the detailed questions about the issue you would like to research.