Session 11 on 12/15/2015: Presentation Feedback and Discussing Research about Positive Self-Talk and Taking Care of Your Time

Summary: It was certainly an exciting class. You all got anonymous feedback and reflections on your presentations. Many students got great ideas for practical applications to use about how the way you speak to yourselves can improve little by little. 

Nevertheless, we dove into some serious-talk when we spoke about the new quarter system for English classes, which does not allow for excused or unexcused for more than two weeks or your grades will be affected, nor for make-up exams, and your English teachers must grade your classes during your 2nd quarter orientation week. Hope you can ask questions to student services soon as the new policies could limit your chances of taking English classes, because most of the university will still be on the semester system. 

On a brighter note, you shared your research and gave feedback, and your pair asked questions and comments using my original Ii Ii Ii feedback system written on the whiteboard:

Interesting! Why? 

I want to know more, because..... (including the use of more current research)

         I don't understand. Could you run this by me once more?
                                        "       "    please explain that again?    

Finally, you wrote reflections about our session. Have a great rest of the week and do join the ERC holiday party on Friday, the 18th. 

Attachment: The ERC Holiday Party (x-mas 2015 ERC party 2015.pdf)

Homework due on 12/22/2015:

1. Please chose 2 more articles that will compliment your research for your written final report for this course based on your presentations. Below are some articles that you might find useful, however you can choose others. Then, read your research and take 3 to 4 pages of notes in key words only that we will discuss in class on 12/22/2015. And please make a note about where you received your research from including the author's name, publisher, and the date of publication.

Some suggested readings based on the results of your presentations:

8 stems for strong time management for college Kelci Lynn Lucier, about.com

New! In a rut? Change your routine and change your life Abigail Clark, lifehack.org

Learn how to manage your time in college Kelci Lynn Lucier, US News and World Report

Listening to your inner-voice Alex Lickerman MD, Psychology Today

Make your self-talk work for you Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Psychology Today

Managing your time and study environment Buck's Community College

New! Positive self talk can help you win the race--or the day Polly Campbell, Psychology Today

Take control of your homework! bigfuture, The College Board

Self-talk 101: Why you need to believe in yourself Jim Jenson, Inspiyr

Stacey Vye,
Dec 16, 2015, 7:25 AM