Session 10: Your Observations

Summary: We changed our approach to the observation paper as some students did not make a full proposal. I recommended for students to set up a Zoom appointment, so I can help you complete your observation. I explained how to write the paper, yet you need to do your observations. Therefore, we got into breakout rooms, and you discussed your proposals in pairs, and I gave advice to each student.

Homework due on Sunday 06/07/2020 via email:

Please take notes on what you observe based on your proposal. Some of you are doing interviews, viewing physical spaces, comparing videos, or also adding notes of new readings. Regardless, observe the place, people, or viewing that might help you find a solution or idea for innovation to solve your issue creatively. Take good notes in the keywords only about what you have observed. Then, take pictures of your notes and place them in the Word document provided below. You should write about 4 pages of notes; otherwise, it will be hard to write your paper.