Class 06Setting Goals 

Summary:  You discussed Angela Duckworth's TED Talk homework about Grit, and I answered any questions you had about it. Then, we spoke about setting goals during COVID19 based on Angela Duckworth's Interview with Katy Milkman:

Duckworth, A. & Milkman, K. (2020). Wharton's coronavirus course: Professors Angela Duckworth and Katy Milkman interview [Video]. Arts and Sciences: University of Pennsylvania.



       The ABCs of a Growth Mindset Self-Talk: Ideas to Think about for Your Report

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Attachment: Self-directed Learning References.docx.

Homework due on 07/13/2020:

1. Please chose two written articles that will complement your research for your self-direction report for this course that will also be useful for your final presentation. Then, read your research and take 3 to 4 pages of notes in keywords as much as possible. 

Here are Two Reading Options, but others are fine, too!

Alternatives to School. (2017). Benefits of self-directed learning. Alternatives to School

Association for Psychological Science. (2012, October 4). What makes self-directed learning effective? ScienceDaily.