Session 08: Presentation Practice!

Stratvert, K. (2020, July 24). How to properly present PowerPoint slides in Zoom [Video]. Youtube.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNOZRa089-U

Summary: Guidelines for your Presentation are not included in the document. Happy New Year!

1. Your talk should be about 8-10 minutes and then 3-5 minutes for questions, comments, and answers.

2. It is good to practice your presentation several times on ZOOM so you can focus on your content while speaking to the camera. 

3. There are usually 16 to 20 slides.

4. Your references page is single-spaced with APA formatting. 

5. The APA in-text citation guide is provided in the pdf below, but it only has parenthetical in-text citations such as (Miller, 2020, para. 3). You can also do narrative in-text citations such as Suzuki (2020, p. 5) suggested that...

Homework due Saturday, 01/09/2020: Students who are not doing Seijinohi present on Tuesday (Coming of Age Day will present on Tuesday and the Seijin Students present on Thursday), so the Sempaitachi present first, so the younger 2nd-year students can rest after their day. 

1. Based on the feedback you receive in class. Please revised your attachment with visuals and your content. Please be on time to send your submission so that you can get feedback on your presentations. 

2. Option to fully complete another entry of your 4CsTEDTalk by addresses on a full column the Concepts, Challenges, Connections, and Changes. The entry should be the full two pages typed, and please answer the questions completely. You can choose any TED TALK of your choice, but I recommend the list of effective talks references in the Hattaway (n.d.) article sent to your messagesThe homework is to rehearse your presentation for Tuesday or Thursday! Please look for my feedback on your slideshows in your email inbox. 

Stacey Vye,
Oct 21, 2020, 10:22 PM