Session 01: 

Summary: Welcome back to the class and to Quarter B. You gave feedback to each other about your presentations by making an extension of the question and answer session.

Attachment: APACitationWorksheet6thed.pdf

Homework due 06/16/2016:

1. Please conduct preliminary research on on 2 or 3 book, newspaper and/or research articles about an issue that you are passionate to present about. Then take one to two pages of notes for each article using the key words only on the pages. Please choose from readings and NOT youtube videos.   

-This website is very informative and easy to understand, where you might find research on your issue by Professor Andy Barfield:

Global Issues Resources -Specifically in relation to Chuo University Faculty of Law English courses, this website has been designed by Andy Barfield and his research team for supporting student research from 2014 in the Basic Research and Writing (English 'C')  and Introduction to Communication and Research (Listening and Speaking 'P' Level). More generally, his team hopes that this website is useful for students and other people in Japan (and in other countries) to develop our knowledge and critical understanding of different global issues. Thank you always Andy!