Session 13: The IELTS Reading Practice Test

Summary:  We took an IELTS reading practice test. Thanks for completing your IELTS speaking practice test individually last week. I enjoyed speaking with you!

Homework for Session 14 before our last class:

1. Criterion TOEFL Essay  5 Tries --> Criterion -Online Writing Evaluation Log In  Please complete the essay writing five times if you have not already.

2. Please send your final MLA paper for grading before class on Thursday, August 4th. Please wait until I give you the feedback, and if I am late, we can negotiate a later date. To date, I have given fifteen papers and five presentations back this week (66 checks already), so seven students in this class are still waiting for their third round of feedback. I will send you all your returned 3rd drafts today in class or after class. 

Note: Eight students out of nine have completed their Criterion TOEFL essays, so only one student needs to write three essays by Thursday. I will remind that person by email soon.