Summary: First of all we had an orientation to the course, so you will know what to do in class and outside of class. You learned that is essential to purchase a new Q Skills 3: Listening and Speaking textbook so that you will have access to your homework. The book looks like this:

Attachments: AES Syllabus_Worksheet .docx, Name_Badge_ Useful English_Profile.docx

Online Q Book Homework due before class on 04/17/2018:

Note: The instructions are directly from the online practice section, and this homework is not a part of your e-learning. There are different companies with a different login system. 

Unit 1 Vocabulary 1: Look at the photograph on pages 2–3 of your book. Write five sentences about the photo using as many of the words below as you can. Try to use at least five.

Unit 1 Listening Comprehension: Listen and complete the conversation with the phrases from the word bank. You do not need to use all the expressions.