Session 12: Presentation Preparation, Note: For our 2020 class, the presentation is being replaced by the Note-taking Matrix (NTM) for 20 points, each completed entry is 2.5 points due to only 14 classes and COVID19. You can easily get a full score, which might be more points than a presentation score. 

Summary and Homework due on June 15th:

We had fun learning more about the GAVE process, which will help you write papers in other classes. We started typing our essays in class. You are working so very hard and dedicated to your observations. They are quite inspiring! Please book a Zoom meeting with me if you need any extra help. We are all in this learning experience together. 

G = Put your paper through 

Grammarly: Free Online Writing Assistant

E = Explanations to Check for Draft 2 before the class on Monday, June 15th before class

Please wait for my feedback first. If I am late, then you can be late too! I am struggling to give everyone's feedback! The revision should be easy by accepting the track changes and following the recommendation comments written on the paper. 

Attachments: APA 7th Quick Guide.pdf, Instructions for APA_Observation Paper.docx, ESP2_Creativity and Observation Writing Rubric

Homework: 2ne draft due on Monday, 06/15/2020 before class and emailed to <stacey.vyeATMARKgmail.com>

1. Using your ideas from your notes on your readings and presentation, please write the 1st draft of your essay with an introduction and literature review as best you can. It is good to keep in mind:

    A). The formatting guidelines provided in the class of the APA 7th Quick Guide attached.

    B). the organization of an essay with topic sentences that support each paragraph based on what you learned in class today.

2. Please use the Instructions for APA Observation Paper and type your paper in that document to make the writing easy for you.

3. Use any references from your Note-taking Matrix. I tried to give you a lot of feedback and editing to help you compile a fantastic paper. 

2. Option to complete entries of self-study in your Four-Skills Log. The entry should be one hour in length or longer, and please answer the questions completely: 

Which day, which practice task, and how long?  Reflections: What did you do? How long for? What did you notice? How did you feel? New speaking or listening goals?

Ignore for our 2020 Class; Please prepare for your slideshow presentation. The guidelines that you also received in class for assessment are attached at the bottom of this web page :). As best you can, design your slides for PowerPoint on the A3 sheet of paper provided in class first and make sure that you have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Then if you have time, continue to make your slideshow draft on your computer, and we can work on it in class. Please email your draft before our class.