Class 01: English for Specific Purposes 2a Creativity & Innovation Orientation

You can review this video whenever you like: 3% Of people can pass this creative test, can you? -Bit Size Psyche

Summary: There was an orientation to the course explaining the documents below except for your four-skills logs because there is a lot of online information to explain. I will explain the four-skills documents in Class 02.  We discussed what is expected of you in each class, and how you can excel and get the most out of this course to improve your English skills. You also learned that our Zoom class would focus on Creativity and Innovation. 

You will develop a greater ability to know how to solve problems creatively that leads to innovation. In addition, you can build on your vocabulary and critically analyze how much you study in-depth to increase your creativity, innovation, and technology through reading, note-taking, categorizing, mind-mapping, discussing, writing, planning, and Zooming.

How will your grade be calculated? Homework (30%), 4-Skills Logs (20%)Written Paper (20%), Class Participation (10%), Final Presentation (20%)   

Documents: 4-skills cover log, ESP2_4-Skills Log Instructions, Saitama U. 4-Skills Log Sheet, ESP2 Syllabus_Worksheet.docx, Name_Badge_Useful English Profile.docx, Weekly Reflection Report.doc, Note-taking sample (in class, the file is too heavy to attach)

Homework due in class on 04/29/2020: 

1. This is required: Please read and take 2 to 4 (or more) pages of notes in keywords only in Chapter 22 How to Be More Creative that you will receive via attachment through the Saidai Server: 

Sawyer, R. (2012). Explaining creativity: The science of human innovation. London: Oxford University Press.

Note: Please read only Chapter 22. The file starts with Chapter 21. Please take a picture of your notes and send it to my email address before class. 

Article and Video on Note-taking: Skills and Strategies: Doodling, Sketching and ‘Mind Mapping’ as Learning Tools -By K. SCHULTEN & S. GROSS

A Sample of Sawyer 2012 Notetaking of the first of four pages: