Session 07: Discussing your Research and Narrowing Your Research Focus, Please bring your computer to the next class!

Summary: In class firstly, we looked at how to start formatting your references in APA formatting. Then, in pairs you discussed your research, while your pair asked questions and comments using my original Ii Ii Ii feedback system:

Interesting! Why? 

I want to know more, because.....

I don't understand. Could you run this by me once more?

I also gave individual suggestions to you on how you might narrow down your focus for your research.

Following the discussions, I explained how you could narrow down your research focus even further with the attachment provided below in preparation for your homework due on the 12th. 

Attachment: Finding Research-Successful Paper_Graves&Vye.pdf

Homework due 12/21/2017:

1. Please please search for two more Internet, book, newspaper, or journal articles about an issue that is very closely related to the same research. Then take one to two pages of notes for each paper or report using the keywords only on the pages. Samples are provided in class and will be scanned soon for viewing for those who are absent.  

-This website is very informative and easy to understand, where you might find research on your issue from Professor Andy Barfield:

Global Issues Resources -Specifically in relation to Chuo University Faculty of Law English courses, this website has been designed by Andy Barfield and his research team for supporting student research from 2014 in the Basic Research and Writing (English 'C')  and Introduction to Communication and Research (Listening and Speaking 'P' Level). More generally, his team hopes that this website is useful for students and other people in Japan (and in other countries) to develop our knowledge and critical understanding of different global issues. Thank you, Andy!

2. Optional Criterion Writing Practice: Here is the TOEFL Writing Practice 1. Please follow the instructions as best you can with the time limit of thirty or forty minutes. It is beneficial if you are in a quiet room without distractions and have a stable internet connection.  You will try this writing five times during this quarter for 10% of your grade.
Stacey Vye,
Sep 27, 2017, 2:30 PM