Summary: We listened to the main ideas for the psychology of first impressions and made inferences about people you meet. We also played 'a first impressions' game.

Homework due on May 15th, 2018 before class:

Note: The instructions are directly from the online practice section.

Unit 1 Grammar --> Auxiliary verbs do, be, have, Choose the correct auxiliary verbs to complete the sentences.

Unit 1 Grammar Expansion --> Auxiliary verbs in information questions: Reorder each set of words to make information questions with auxiliary verbs do, be, and have.

Unit 1  Pronunciation --> Contractions with auxiliary verbs: Listen and complete the conversation. Write the full form of the auxiliary verb you hear (have, has, is, are, does, or did).

Unit 1: Speaking Skill --> Taking conversational turns: prepare the activity to speak with Stacey. Get ideas from p. 18-19. It's a one minute talk.