Session 04: TOEIC Test Parts 4  

Summary: While we checked the homework, you practiced the 30-second talks game to get used to speaking at length, as in TOIEC part 4. We learned that only 7 of the 30 students learned English in English in high school in Japan. Wow! Then we had a TOIEC part 4 strategy lesson. 

Homework due on 07/12/2018:

1. After studying the TOEIC Tips unit 12 at the outer columns of the text, take the please do Mini-Test B, Unit 12, p. 63-63 grammar section from numbers 1 to 12, by keeping the TOEIC Tips for part 5. Then write down your reflections in your Listening and Reading Log for entry #5 in this format:

Plan: Which day, which practice task and how long?  Reflections: What did you do? How long for? What did you notice? How did you feel? New listening or reading goals?

TOEIC Tips for Part 5 (By Grant Trew): 

  • First, decide what part of speech is needed.
  • Learn to recognize gerunds and infinitives by looking at the verb.
  • Learn as many phrasal verbs as possible.
  • Think of words that might fit before you look at the answer choices.
  • Find the answer choices of the correct type (answer hunting).
  • Don't choose answers that sound wrong by saying the words to yourself silently.
  • Don't waste time content you don't know.

2. Let's try an entry for AnyRead!