Class 07

Class 07: The APA Paper Writing Process You can play free seasonal typing games to help you learn how to write faster in English on the computer:


Note: In pairs you discussed your research, while your pair asked questions and comments using my original Ii Ii Ii feedback system:

Interesting! Why? 

I want to know more, because.....

I don't understand. Could you run this by me again?

I also gave individual suggestions to you on how you might narrow down your focus (or even just start really doing your research) Following the discussions, I explained how you could narrow down your research focus even further in preparation for your homework due.

Homework due:

Homework due on Tuesday 10/20/2020 at 5 PM: Please email your notes to the teacher before the class. Try to take a photo of your notes and drop and drag the images in the email or make one PDF file. If you cannot, just try your best to send your work:

1. Please, research the SAME research issue using 1 Internet, book, newspaper, or journal articles about a topic that you are passionate to write. Then take two to three pages of notes for each article using the keywords on the pages. Remember to write the author's name(s), the date, and page or paragraph numbers if you use direct quotations. When you email me your notes, can you take pictures of them and put them in the Word document below? And label your name in Class 07 My Research Homework? And write AEW1a in the subject line of the email? Thanks.            

Note-taking Sample on Age Discrimination:

Free Database Engines off Campus to collect research for your APA citation paper: 

CORE Research Engine UK: This research search engine claims to be the largest open-access research database in the world giving free-access to 1-This website is very informative and easy to understand.

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ): DOAJ is a community designed and maintained online journal directory that provides you access to robust, open access, peer-reviewed journals. This search engine is independent, and it is free including being indexed in DOAJ. Please use this engine for topical issues and authors, and you might find research that provides evidential content for your academic essay. DOAJ is an educational outreach search engine that focusses on high-quality applications and submissions.

Global Issues Resources -Specifically in relation to Chuo University Faculty of Law English courses, this website has been designed by Andy Barfield and his research team for supporting student research from 2014 in the Basic Research and Writing (English 'C')  and Introduction to Communication and Research (Listening and Speaking 'P' Level). More generally, his team hopes that this website is useful for students and other people in Japan (and in other countries) to develop our knowledge and critical understanding of different global issues. Thank you, Andy!

Google Scholar: Google scholar helps you do a broad or narrow search of articles. It also helps you cite your "references" for APA and "work cited" for MLA!1. Please, research the SAME research issue using the Internet, book, newspaper, or journal articles about the same issue. Then take two to three pages of notes for each article using the keywords. Each time you make a direct quotation, please note the page number or paragraph of the citation. Try to paraphrase and use keywords rather than sentences, so that you can speak with your research pair in our upcoming breakout rooms on Zoom.  

2. Optional: Criterion TOEFL Essay  5 Tries --> Criterion -Online Writing Evaluation Log In  Please complete the essay writing five times for the 1st quarter. Many of you are already finished! We only have 10 entries per student, so we cannot go over the budget. If you wrote 5 essays previously, then please stop for a while because you also need to use Criterion for your upcoming academic essay assignments and IELTS Writing Practice Tests. 
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Oct 20, 2020, 8:19 PM