Class 03

Class 03: IELTS Preparation and Introduction to Your Academic Essay

Summary: After the announcements, you went to your breakout rooms to discuss your IELTS preparation notes. Then, I provided additional tips in a PowerPoint slideshow. Finally, you scheduled your Criterion essay preferences, and signed up for your IELTS Speaking practice test. 

Note: This is the Schedule for Stacey Vye's Class. Please ask your instructor if they will do a Zoom Meeting IELTS Speaking Practice test. Please follow your instructor's guidance.  

Available IELTS Speaking Practice Test Times by appointment with Stacey Vye. Please let her know your preferred times in the Zoom Class in the chat with our AEW1a link and passcode. The first person to type the time you like, gets that time. As students make an appointment, she will update the current available times below:

Tuesday          (10/13/2020): 1 PM, 1:20 PM, 1:40 PM, 2 PM

Wednesday     (10/14/2020)
: 10:40 AM, 11:10 AM, 11:40 AM

Thursday         (10/15/2020): 2 PM, 2:20 PM, 2:40 PM, 3 PM, 3:20 PM, 3:40 PM, 4 PM, 4:20 PM, 4:40 PM

Monday            (10/18/2020)10:40 AM, 11:10 AM, 11:40 AM 

Tuesday           (10/19/2020): 10 AM, 1:40 PM, 2 PM

Wednesday     (10/20/2020): 10:40 AM, 11:10 AM, 11:40 AM

Homework due on Class 04 at the beginning of class: 

1. Criterion TOEFL Essay  5 Tries --> Criterion -Online Writing Evaluation Log In  Please complete the essay writing five times for the 1st quarter. Many of you are already finished! We only have 10 entries per student, so we cannot go over the budget. If you wrote 5 essays previously, then please stop for a while because you also need to use Criterion for your upcoming academic essay assignments and IELTS Writing Practice Tests.