Summary: The students discussed how advertising affects our daily lives, watched a funny video with jingles, slogans, and logos and learned some new vocabulary.

Commercials before These Stars Were Famous

New vocabulary: jingle, slogan, logo, prime time, eye-catching

Homework for finishing up the quarter: 

Nov. 13th -->  Unit 6: Grammar Expansion, Pronunciation, and Speaking Skill

As we finish up the quarter, you may complete or improve your Q online homework for Units 5 & 6 as you like. The deadline for completion is November 20th at 11:59 pm --> Q Online Practice Log In

Also, please study for your final exam, by reviewing each of the online practice sections for Units 5 & 6 and help improve your homework scores at the same time. It is also beneficial to study the vocabulary on pages 103 and 123 of your textbook.