Summary: At first, we had an orientation to the course, and you learned what you will be able to do by the end of the course based on the syllabus attached below and on the syllabus page. Then we studied what is culture, and discussed the layers between identity and culture and the multiple dimensions of diversity and culture based on your own identity. Then, in the second hour, we shifted to an introduction to academic writing. 

The First Hour: 

What is Culture? This video explains the levels of culture to start our communication time. 

What is Culture? -Eva Haug

Then, we worked on the communication framework and standards below in new pairs and used the questions in worksheet two to explore the unique aspects of culture:

Features of Culture Statements: 

  • No one is exactly like me.
  • I have many things in common with the members of my family and community.
  • Every person in the world needs some of the same things I need.

Features of Culture Questions:

  • Celebrations: What kinds of celebrations are important in your family? In your country?
  • Greetings: How do you generally greet people you don't know?
  • Beliefs about hospitality: How do you show hospitality in your community? In your school? In your home?
  • The role of family: Is there a particular age at which you celebrate an important event in your life with your family or community?
  • Attitudes about personal space and privacy: How important do you feel it is to have your own space and privacy?

Framework and Standards: 

Everyone has a culture(s). It shapes how we see ourselves, others, and the world. 

The Second Hour: 

Writing Questions for Class 01:

1.     What kind of academic essay writing have you done so far in English? If so, what topics did you write?

2.     Did you learn how to write a paragraph in English? If so, what did you learn?

3.     How many pages or words did the writing need to be? Did you read ‘sources,’ like online papers, pdf files, and books, to research the topic?

4.     How do you take notes in class or for homework?

5.     Do you have a vocabulary notebook or lists? If so, how do you use it?

6.     Did you make the list of sources/references that you had read and put in-text citations in the paper?

7.     Please ask what questions you have about academic writing?


New Vocabulary:

Attachments: bridges.features of culture_(worksheet) 1, Academic English Essay Writing 

Homework due by email before Class 02, so we can look at your essays in Class 02: Please type in this Word document below in double-space. And type what English essay writing you understand or do not understand. You use the questions above to answer a reply. One of the questions (1 to 7) could be an entire paragraph. You do not have to use them all. Finally, please provide clear reasons as best as you can for two pages or more:


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