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Class Sessions: All the details are there by clicking on the 'Session' date. 

Session 15 on 02/02/2016: Peer Reviews and Extra Guidance for Your Final Draft of Your APA Style Paper

Session 14 on 01/19/2016: Researching and Formatting your Positive Self-talk APA Style 2nd Draft Paper

Session 13 on 01/12/2016: Researching and Formatting your Positive Self-talk APA Style 1st Draft Paper

Session 12 on 12/22/2015: A Writing Seminar for Your Reflection Report

Session 11 on 12/15/2015: Sharing your Self-talk Research

Session 10 on 12/08/2015: Presentation Day 2

Session 9 on 12/01/2015: Presentation Day 1

Session 8 on 11/24/2015: Preparing for Your Presenation

Session 7 on 11/17/2015: Categorizing and Discussing Your Self-Talk

Session 6 on 11/10/2015: Finding Patterns in your Self-talk Research

Session 5 on 10/27/2015:  Analyzing Your Own Self-talk

Session 4 on 10/20/2015: Helpful Study Habits

Session 3 on 10/13/2015: Self-talk for Metacognative Student Learning

Session 2 on 10/06/2015: Stress Management & Overcoming Negative Self-talk