Summary: We did not have a class on 08/31/20, and it was a misunderstanding, so if you need to miss class, please let Auntie Stacey know before the time, or soon before the time on the mobile phone, so she is not worried. It must be hard returning to school in person, so please let me know your thoughts and ask a lot of questions so we can thrive. On this day, we focused more on our writing than our culture class on ZOOM about paragraph structure, the introduction, the conclusion, and how to summarize in your own words or use "quotation marks" of an author's writing.

Track Changes and Show Markup in Microsoft Word

New Vocabulary: portable, annex, bramble, brabble, expergefactor 

Attachments: Academic Essay Writing Survey, Bridges_Worksheet (2)_Everyone has a Culture.2

Homework due before Class 05: Sending by Sunday, September 6th, is best, so I can check your work before class. We will make an essay about your previous academic writing based on the paragraphs you have made with an introduction and conclusion. More details will follow based on your progress. 

Can you please write directly in this essay and not after the conclusion as we spoke about it class? And can you also accept the track changes, learn from my suggestions, and start to write an introduction and conclusion? You can erase the instructions of the introduction and conclusion from this document and make a title about your English writing. If you cannot finish the introduction and conclusion, that is fine because I could not explain in detail in the last class.

And feel free to write to me on What's App or email if you have any questions. And don't forget to check your spelling and grammar, too :)!

Stacey Vye,
Sep 2, 2020, 6:21 AM
Stacey Vye,
Sep 2, 2020, 6:20 AM