Class 07

Summary: At the beginning of class, we did a small drama expressing the five stages of culture shock. Then, we had small group discussions about the homework about the video you viewed. 

Note: We might do this activity in January 2021. We ran out of time: Then you challenged three cultural diversity activities for adults including the Connect the Dot, the Herman Grid, and an International Proverbs game, that should also build up your vocabulary and proverb use in conversations. Digital versions of the lesson will be provided in Class 07 because there are two more activities I would like to use in the next class. 

Do on Thing for Cultural Diversity and Inclusion: Different -Ilias Feizidis Video

Intercultural Communication Adventure with the Little Pilot- Dr. Deborah Swallow

New Vocabulary: 

Homework due on Tuesday, 12/22/20 anytime before Class 07: Please choose one video or reading that is the most interesting. For the video please view with the closed captions (CC) to read, and then reflect and analyze what you observed and complete the TED Talk 4-Cs worksheet attached below in your own words by paraphrasing. The four Cs are concepts, challenges, connections, and changes. If you have only have worked on videos, please try one of the two readings instead of a video for your paper. 

Australian Government. (2020). Supporting cultural diversity. Be you.


Mcclay, R. (2017). Four cornerstones of successful cross-cultural understanding. Training IndustryMind The Gap, 50-51.

Let's celebrate homework diversity, but let us also learn English and culture! It is part of being a global citizen. 

 Video 1: This video by Michael Gavin at TED Ex to deal with wicked problems. I learned from this video in my diversity class at USC. Loss of languages, and loss of cultural
diversity. Know better, do better! INT/ADV

Why Cultural Diversity Matters: Michael Gavin, "Know Better, Do Better."

Video 2: This video is about what does diversity have to do with creativity, also in the workplace. INT/ADV

Creativity: What has Diversity have to do with it? GamesBeat2016

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Apr 15, 2020, 12:14 AM