Summary: You spoke about social responsibility as it relates to you in groups and then prepared for our class survey activity.

Homework due on October 23rd, 2018:

Note: Please view the instructions for the online practice section in Unit 5 & 6 --> Q Online Practice Log In 

The homework activities are Unit 5:
Speaking Skill, Alternative Unit Assignment

Instructions for the alternative unit assignment: This will be our speaking activity that is 15 points. Please prepare for speaking in class on the 23rd by surveying responsibility and put your questions or statements (with a Likert scale) in the alternative assignment box. Today in class you will ask the three members in your group about their opinions on Responsibility to get ideas for the homework. Students who were absent can get the survey homework print at my office door box. 

Steps to success in the alternative unit assignment homework:

1. Take notes and type the ideas in the Q online Unit 5 alternative unit assignment in the box provided. 

2. The also write five questions in the same box. 

3. The questions can be about responsibility at home, at work, in school, in the government, or in other areas. 

4. Please write the five questions you would like to ask other students about social responsibility on the form provided in class. 

5. Come prepared to survey your classmates on October 23rd in class. 

Also please start the online practice homework for Unit 6: Vocabulary 1 and Listening comprehension.