Class 02

Class 02: IELTS Writing and Writing Practice

Summary: Today, we focused on your first Criterion essay in your breakout sessions in pairs with individual support for the teacher:

Why are you Taking this Academic Essay Writing Course? Please use these question prompts to help you a 200-250 word essay. What kind of academic essay writing have you done so far in English? 
What is puzzling for you about academic essay writing (i.e., what questions do you have about academic writing)? Which specific writing concepts/skills do you most want to develop in this quarter? 
Why? How? Please explain in detail, giving clear reasons. And do not worry about your score, and you can get the homework points if you complete the essay. This assignment is set at the U.S. college level. 
Other assignments will have TOEFL or no scores at all just for editing your academic essay.

From the breakout rooms, students noticed how to use Criterion, the realization that you would like to use a variety of vocabulary, the structure of the academic essay writing, and using transitional devices to support the content of your essay. Also, you learned that in writing of formal essays reduced forms are not used like 'I'm' and 'don't' and rather 'I am' and 'do not.'

Finally, we discussed the homework below. 

Homework for Class 03 is due on Sunday, October 4th, by 5 PM: 

1. Please take detailed 2 to 3 pages of notes on the pdf file on IELTS Information for candidates attached below, and include your notes keywords, diagrams, drawings, and charts in your own words as much as you can. Then, take a picture or screenshot and input the photos into the Class 02 IELTS Homework Notes Document attached also below. Here are two samples of IELTS note-taking.

UCLES. (2019). Information for candidates: Introducing IELTS to test takers. IELTS.


              IELTS Note-taking on the Same Page: Two Students Notes


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